Loyalty Program Leaps 988% in 6 Months with Our Strategic Approach

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Industry: eCommerce

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A leading manufacturing company aimed to elevate customer loyalty and repurchase rates. Collaborating with Garay Ecommerce Marketing, they utilized Yotpo Loyalty, Klaviyo, STATUS Accounts, and Malomo, achieving a groundbreaking increase in loyalty program participation.



The goal of engaging a customer base traditionally resistant to complex loyalty programs was to transform a low initial participation rate into substantial engagement, enhancing brand value and customer loyalty.


Our Approach:

Phase 1: Establishing the Program with Yotpo Loyalty & Klaviyo

  • Introduced ‘Rewards Program‘ using Yotpo Loyalty as the core.
  • Klaviyo integrated to educate and continuously target customers, leading to a participation increase to a 4.1% participation rate in just 60 days.

Phase 2: Sustaining Growth

  • Continued leveraging Yotpo & Klaviyo, focusing on strategic communication and rewards, further increasing participation to 7.6% by BFCM.

Phase 3: Accelerating Engagement with STATUS Accounts & Malomo

  • STATUS Accounts simplified the loyalty program sign-up by streamlining Shopify account creation.
  • Malomo enhanced customer experience by shifting shipping notifications to Klaviyo, encouraging program participation.
  • These innovative strategies led to a participation rate surge to 17.8% participation rate in less than 2 months.



  • Remarkable Participation Growth: An impressive 988% increase in loyalty program participation rate, from 1.8% to 17.8%, in under 6 months.
  • Higher Repurchase Rates: Members of the loyalty program demonstrated a repurchase rate almost 6 times higher than non-members.
  • Increased Customer Engagement: The strategic integration of Yotpo, Klaviyo, STATUS Accounts, and Malomo led to a more engaged and loyal customer base.



The loyalty program transformation exemplifies the impact of integrating advanced technological solutions with strategic marketing approaches in eCommerce. The collaboration with Yotpo Loyalty, Klaviyo, STATUS Accounts, and Malomo under the guidance of Garay Ecommerce Marketing not only skyrocketed participation rates but also established the loyalty program as a vital element of customer retention and brand loyalty.