SLEEFS & Malomo: A Case Study in Personalized Customer Experience

Transforming Ecommerce with Personalized Shipping Notifications

Client: SLEEFS

Category: Design & CopyCase Study

Industry: Fashion & Apparel

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In the world of eCommerce, customer experience is king. And when it comes to shipping, customers want transparency, communication, and personalization. That’s where Malomo comes in. This platform allows businesses to create an all-encompassing, personalized customer experience, and it’s precisely what we used to help SLEEFS revolutionize their customer journey.

The Challenge

SLEEFS, a company specializing in customized sports uniforms and gear, approached us with a desire to improve their customer journey. They were facing several challenges:

  • A high volume of “Where is my order” (WISMO) tickets
  • A subpar repeat purchase rate
  • No system in place to notify customers about delivery exceptions and delays
  • A lack of customization and branding options in tracking notifications

The Solution

We turned to Malomo to solve these problems. We created an automated system with transactional emails, SMS messages, push notifications, and a dynamic order-tracking webpage to generate repeat purchases.

The Results

The results were impressive:

  • Reduced WISMO tickets drastically: Customers were notified about all the essential tracking events as they occurred. This reduced anxiety and gave people the confidence to buy again.
  • Generated new orders through the tracking page: The tracking page achieved a placed order rate of 61% through personalized upsells and cross-sells based on prior customer behavior.
  • Helped customers know who contacted them: We designed and customized the tracking page and notification emails with SLEEFS visual branding elements. People knew they were dealing with SLEEFS and their eye-catching creations.


Our work with SLEEFS and Malomo showcases the power of personalized customer experiences in eCommerce. By leveraging the right tools and strategies, we were able to transform SLEEFS’ customer journey and drive impressive results. Want to learn more about how we can do the same for your business? Contact us today.

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