Revitalizing Pacas: A Journey of Design Innovation and Strategic Integrations

Transforming Email & SMS Design, Launching Loyalty & Influencer Programs

Client: Pacas

Category: Design & Copy

Industry: Fashion & Apparel

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At Garay Ecommerce Marketing, we believe in the power of transformation. When Pacas, a leading brand in the alpaca apparel industry, approached us, they sought a way to revitalize their brand and connect more deeply with their customers. We took on the challenge with gusto.

Our first step was to revamp Pacas’ email and SMS design completely. We knew that in today’s mobile-centric world, responsive design was vital. So, we created a fresh, modern design that reflected Pacas’ artistic vision and optimized for mobile devices. But we didn’t stop there. We used data-driven testing to ensure the new design was aesthetically pleasing and effective in driving engagement and conversions.

Next, we turned our attention to customer loyalty. We integrated Loyalty Lion, a top-tier loyalty program platform, into Pacas’ eCommerce system. This allowed Pacas to reward their loyal customers and incentivize repeat purchases, ultimately boosting their customer lifetime value.

Finally, we recognized the power of influencer marketing in today’s social media-driven world. To tap into this, we integrated Gatsby, a leading influencer marketing platform, into Pacas’ system. This enabled Pacas to connect with influencers who resonated with their brand and reach a wider audience.

The result? A revitalized Pacas brand that looks great and connects more deeply with its customers, and reaches a broader audience. At Garay Ecommerce Marketing, we’re passionate about results and proud to have been part of Pacas’ transformation journey.