BLEUSALT's Phenomenal Mobile App Success with GEM and Tapcart


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Discover how Garay Ecommerce Marketing (GEM) innovatively utilized Tapcart to transform BLEUSALT’s mobile presence. Learn how this collaboration brought a remarkable increase in BLEUSALT’s engagement and revenue by offering a captivating mobile shopping experience.


BLEUSALT, founded by Lyndie Benson, is a seasonless line of elevated basics made sustainably 100% in the USA from the softest fibers on earth. GEM, known for its expertise in ecommerce marketing, partnered with BLEUSALT to enhance its online presence.


BLEUSALT wanted to grow its brand while ensuring the convenience and quality that their customers were accustomed to. They needed a robust mobile solution to connect with a broader audience effectively.


GEM proposed the integration of Tapcart for BLEUSALT. Tapcart, known for its remarkable ease of use and innovative features, allowed BLEUSALT to create an exceptional mobile experience. GEM worked closely with Tapcart and BLEUSALT to ensure the mobile app was in sync with the brand’s identity.


GEM strategized the implementation process, ensuring all mobile app elements aligned with BLEUSALT’s brand voice. They oversaw the app’s integration with BLEUSALT’s existing systems and provided the platform was optimized for high conversion rates. GEM also utilized Tapcart’s powerful features, such as push notifications and personalized recommendations, to maximize customer engagement.


  1. Revenue Growth: Since the mobile app’s launch, BLEUSALT saw an astonishing increase in mobile revenue, attributing over 40% of all monthly revenue to the app.
  2. Conversion Rates: The app achieved a 310% higher conversion rate compared to BLEUSALT’s online store.
  3. Product Launch Success: Introducing new product lines through the app saw a sales and customer engagement surge.
  4. Customer Retention: The mobile app proved to be pivotal in retaining customers. Many users became regular shoppers, establishing a loyal customer base.
  5. Customer Feedback: BLEUSALT received overwhelmingly positive feedback praising the app’s seamless design and user-friendly experience.
  6. Enhanced Customer Experience: Integrating BLEUSALT’s BLEUSALT VIPs loyalty program resulted in higher redemption rates, further enhancing customer satisfaction.
New Owned Communication Channel with Customers

Established an exclusive communication channel with customers that BLEUSALT wholly owns and controls. This mitigates reliance on third-party platforms like Instagram or Facebook, which can alter algorithms or face unexpected changes. By owning the channel, BLEUSALT significantly reduces costs and dependencies on social ad expenditures.

Seamless Integration of Loyalty Program for Enhanced Customer Experience

Integrated a comprehensive loyalty program effortlessly, providing customers with an enriched experience that rewards their patronage, ultimately fostering brand loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

Personalized Wish Lists for Curated Shopping Experience

Customers have the flexibility to ‘favorite’ products and categorize them into distinct wish lists. This customization permits a streamlined and organized shopping experience, accommodating customers’ diverse interests, such as holiday shopping or aspirational purchases.

Effortless Access to Order Tracking and Shipping Information

Customers can easily access real-time updates on their order status and shipping information through the app. This feature enhances the shopping experience by keeping customers informed and engaged.

Instant Customer Service Interaction via In-App Chat

Facilitates a direct line of communication through an in-app chat feature, enabling customers to receive immediate assistance and support. This fosters a customer-centric approach, positioning BLEUSALT as a brand committed to delivering exceptional service and care.

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