Case Study: How GEM Achieved 10x Growth in 3 Months & Generated $3M in 10 Months with Klaviyo for E-commerce Email & SMS Marketing

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Industry: Fashion & Apparel

10x Growth in 10 Months with Garay Ecommerce Marketing
10x Klaviyo revenue growth in 10 Months with Garay Ecommerce Marketing's fractional CMO leadership & execution.


In the world of e-commerce, email and SMS marketing are crucial tools for driving customer engagement and boosting sales. One company that has mastered the art of these marketing strategies is Garay Ecommerce Marketing (GEM). In this case study, we will explore how GEM achieved a staggering 10x growth in just three months and generated $3M in 10 months for a client using Klaviyo, a leading email and SMS marketing platform.

The Challenge

The client, an apparel brand, was already generating about 42% of its revenue from Klaviyo when it approached GEM. Their average cart value was about $60 to $64, and their repurchase rate was about 10%. They had a high bar of revenue generated from Klaviyo and the challenge of lifting that even further.

The Strategy

GEM took over the client’s Klaviyo email and SMS marketing, including campaign scheduling, discount strategies, content creation, design, and analysis. GEM implemented a data-driven approach, growing the client’s automated flows to 54 with over 300 messages (email and SMS) and over a thousand different A/B tests.

GEM also focused on SMS marketing, making it one of the core pillars of the client’s marketing strategy. We recognized the importance of owned channels like email & SMS, which allow direct contact with customers without the interference of algorithms or social media networks.

The Results

In just ten months, GEM increased the client’s revenue from Klaviyo from 42% to 63%. The client also saw a significant increase in SMS revenue, from 2% to 13%. The total revenue for the client in the last month of the case study period was $1.4M, with 61% coming from Klaviyo.

GEM’s strategy also resulted in a significant increase in the number of orders. The client’s store saw a 50% increase in orders, while Klaviyo orders saw a 91% increase. This shows that Klaviyo grew almost 2x faster than the store itself.


This case study demonstrates the power of a data-driven approach to email and SMS marketing in e-commerce. By leveraging Klaviyo’s capabilities and implementing strategic marketing campaigns, GEM was able to increase our client’s revenue and order numbers significantly. The results speak for themselves: a 10x growth in three months and $3M generated in ten months.

If you’re an e-commerce brand looking to boost your sales and customer engagement, consider implementing a similar strategy.

And remember, continuous testing and data analysis are vital to making informed business and marketing decisions.

Sep - Total Revenue $139,000
Oct - Total Revenue $1,045,404
Nov - Total Revenue $1,887,271
Dec - Total Revenue $1,687,709